Welcome to Ruff2Ritz Grooming.  We offer a unique, in home pet grooming service for felines and smaller dogs in Central Florida.

    If you want a patient, kind, experienced and skilled cat and dog groomer that can offer a stress-free, salon-style groom where your pet gets to be the center of attention for the entire time, look no more...from Ruff 2 Ritz, I will reveal your pet's inner celebrity!

    Ruff2Ritz Grooming

    "Now Offering House Call Pet Grooming"

    House call pet grooming is when a professional groomer bathes and styles your dog or cat in the comfort of your own home. Owners are welcome to participate as much or as little as they wish.

    Pet owners take comfort in knowing that their pet is getting the groomer's full attention from bath to bows. There are no cages, no mysterious back of the grooming salon or enclosed mobile grooming van, no waiting and no stress.

    Home is familiar and comfortable. Any people or animals in your home are known by your pet. At home, your pet will get to know the groomer. Grooming will be a positive experience.

    "I Come to You!"

    Mobile Grooming is a specialized service, providing convenience and flexibility ideal for the busy professional, stay at home parent, or retiree.

    "Yes! I Groom Cats"

    I love and appreciate the special needs of cats. I know how to maximize their safety and comfort.  By remaining in their own environment, your cat will enjoy a private and luxurious bathing and grooming experience minus any anxiety. No car ride in a carrier! Something you and your cat can both appreciate.

    No job is rushed. I take my time to ensure your cat is treated humanely with love, patience and with a gentle approach.  A bad grooming experience can set this type of work back months so choose who you get to groom your cat very wisely. It’s the most important decision you will be making.

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