Grooming Tools

    I get asked all the time how to keep your cat's hair mat-free, and from shedding all over the home. It's important to use the proper grooming tools in-between your home visits.

    The main grooming tool for long-haired breeds will be your comb. They come in various sizes. A smaller size can be used on the face and tail, and a medium sized can be used on the body. I recommend picking up something like the following:

    For short-haired breeds a slicker brush will do. They are designed to remove dirt, loose hair and dander. A larger brush for the body and a smaller one for the head and ruff is my recommendation. Something like this works well:

    For very thick-coated cats with lots of undercoat, you may benefit from a de-shedding tool. You can use this brush on either a long-haired or short-haired kitty, but primarily it's meant for short-haired cats. It's important to be gentle when using these particular brushes, as they are designed to remove hair much like a razor. Too much brushing and you will remove all of your cat's hair! Choose a brush design like the following:



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